We’ve been hand-crafting journeys for over 50 years with the simple goal of showing you the true spirit of a destination and then letting you delve into it hands-on.


Ker & Downey Guatemala

Each Ker & Downey itinerary features a world of exclusive destinations and luxury properties, custom-designed and individualized to produce the trip of a lifetime. With us, each start-to-finish detail is expertly executed so you can focus on what matters most: diving into the journey ahead.

UK Family Holiday

UK Family Holiday

Family-friendly accommodations, secret countryside escapes, and plenteous splashes in both thermal and ocean waters are all hallmarks of this 10-day adventure. [...read more]

Germany's Passion Play

Germany’s Passion Play

There are many reasons to put Munich and Bavaria on your Germany travel radar. Allow us to give you one more. Once every 10 years, the Passion Play comes to the small town of Obermmergau, lying in the shadow of the Bavarian Alps. It’s a grand spectacle [...read more]