A Romania vacation will surprise you. Whatever your expectation of the mountainous country with its dense forests and medieval relics, you will be surprised by its warmth and hospitality, as well as the variety of attractions woven into the varied landscape.

Long known as the home of Bram Stoker’s Gothic villain, Count Dracula, the region of Transylvania traditionally attracts a particular brand of thrill-seeker. But the region’s natural beauty now attracts skiers and hikers, and the Gothic and Saxon architecture goes far beyond Bran Castle. Just two hours from the capital city of Bucharest, the Carpathian Mountains offer a wealth of ecological significance and adventure opportunity. Numerous national parks showcase the various ecosystems, including the Danube Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Romania’s Central Region is home to Sighisoara, a 12th century fortress founded by Transylvanian Saxons, though its history likely extends much further back. Continuously developed and inhabited, the tiny town is one of the most well-preserved in Europe. Walking through the UNESCO World Heritage site is a trip back to the 16th century, surrounded by nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses, ornate churches from various eras, and a stunning 14th century clock tower.

While the country is so much more that its spooky stories, it still makes the most of its most famous export. One of the most popular sites in Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for the Dracula legend. In keeping with its reputation for deep, dark forests, Romania is home to Europe’s largest population of bears and wolves as well, and tracking safaris are a popular way to get out into the forest to explore. Ker & Downey partners with expert trackers around the world, who will maximize both your safety and your chances of seeing the majestic woodland creatures.

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